Trade Up

Do you feel that your life is not what you want it to be? Do you feel that your life is not enough for you? Do you feel that your life could be better? Do you feel that there is something that you should be doing to improve your life?




Let go of the hysteria, the anxiety, the depression, the hate and the insecurity and choose a better you for you. This article is going to nudge you along the path of self-improvement by offering you choices relating to your attitudes. We don’t have magic wands to conjure lifestyle makeovers and new fortune delivery, we’ll leave that to reality television; but we do have a program that says, if you change your attitude towards yourself, if you change your attitude towards other people and if you change your attitude towards living – you will change the nature of your life with immediate effect.


Life is Shit!


Have you ever noticed how everything in your life is about you? That’s because it’s your life. Even if you are a co-dependent misery-bot everything in your life is still about you. Now let’s deal with the one reality of life that is universal, disappointment. Disappointment is everywhere, because no matter what you do, you’re going to be disappointed in some sense – because life is not perfect, life is never perfect. This disappointment builds up and you respond to by either being hysterical, anxious, depressed, hateful or insecure. This is the unhappiness that leads us to conclude that life is shit!


Television is Not Reality!


The crap that is on television is recycled sickness and should be avoided, it is expressions of other people’s hysteria, anxiety, depression, hate and insecurity and does not hold any value. Or does it? Is television a mirror of society that reflects our behaviours? Art imitates life and as such perhaps there is value in your daily soapie – as long as it doesn’t inspire you to behave like a stupid dog pornstar – and it is only when life imitates art that the sickness spreads into society. When people behave like the behaviour on television – or more pertinently on social media – that is when we lose touch with our personalities and become beholden to the unhappiness.


Who are You?


Are you the fashion statement that you’re trying to make? Are you the dopamine rush that you’re chasing with your attention seeking behaviour? Are you the envy that you have for people who have more than you do? Are you the gratitude that your family have for your contributions? Are you the esteem with which you are held by elders? Who are You? What makes you, you? Is it your problems? Your challenges? Your obstacles? Your hurdles? Is it the inside track that you’re on because you know how to play the system? Are you your bank balance or your tax return? Are you the psychotic rubbish you spew when your heart gets broken? Are you whom you are when you are at your worst or at your best? Are you your ID number, passport number or mobile number? The truth is that you are a complex collection of personal traits and behaviours that make your personality whole. So why don’t you respect yourself as much as you should – it takes a lot to be your particular brand of crazy. Start by stopping taking yourself for granted.


Who is That?


We have to interact with other people, some professionally, some formally, some casually and some intimately – and the fact is that other people are inconsiderate, so dealing with other people is not always a happy experience. Self-obsessed people who think that they are more important than everyone else are painful to tolerate – but at the same time people who have no self-worth are even more irritating. This issue of tolerance – where you have to accommodate the differences between personalities as they intermingle – is what drives your level of comfort. So why do dislike other people more than you should – it takes a lot to share parts of your life with people who ultimately are unlikely to die for you. Start by stopping mistrusting those around you.


Why do You?


It’s not just the struggle for survival that motivates your endeavours. You have the drive the achieve things and to accomplish things based on your abilities. But life does not simply give you what you want, does it? So why do you bother? Why do you make the effort and why do you try? Surely if we all were guaranteed jobs and had no performance standards, we would just pass the day checking emails and attending meetings with no actual work being done. Worse still if we all were entitled to junior staff, we would delegate the work to them and simply supervise their production. Easy sailing. In fact, such an existence is devoid of any dignity, because it denies the reality that work is a rewarding thing, you feel good from having worked, not simply passed the hours in a diabetic fugue. So why do resent the things you have to do – it takes a lot to be effective and if you’re effective you should be happy. Start by stopping begrudging the daily tasks in your life.


A Better Life!


Take antidepressants, regardless of what is wrong with you, take antidepressants. Lift the tide of your mood with endorphins from vigorous exercise and with calmness from meditation and mindfulness. Believe that you can be what you want to be and work tirelessly to achieve it – you will never get anywhere vegging out on a couch streaming series while eating junk food and drinking sugary drinks. If you’re fat – change your diet, exercise every day and get thin – heart disease and diabetes are not trivial matters. If you’re crazy (and everyone is somewhat crazy – and everyone knows whether and to what extent they are crazy) seek mental healthcare. Let go of the hysteria, the anxiety, the depression, the hate and the insecurity – practice meditating and focusing your mind to visualize yourself getting rid of these things. A better life is possible – it starts with choosing to be positive about your prospects of succeeding by prioritizing your work and your achievement – CHOOSE! Either you continue with the mundane and sick unhappiness or you adjust your attitudes and start living for your own happiness. It’s entirely up to you.