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The world exists in states of depression, mania, anxiety and paranoia because of personality corruption. Personality corruption is a direct result of the violation of your freedom of association. Your freedom of association should be protected at all times in order for your dispensation of Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law to be effective in your own life, your own personal space and in your own personality.

How do we defeat depression, mania, anxiety and paranoia?

The healthcare professions would have you believe that medication and psychotherapy are the answers, but FYI feels that this is not enough. You need to unburden yourself of the influences in your life that are causing the depression, mania, anxiety and paranoia. In order to do this you need to choose to be a free person, an individual, a unique being with all of the personal freedoms, personal rights and personal responsibilities that go with that. You need to demand you freedom of association and demand that your freedom of association is respected at all times, by everyone else.

For Your Indulgence

It is normal to want to indulge in whatever food and beverage fancies you feel inclined towards. But the cardinal rule of “Not too much sugar” and “Not too must salt” must be maintained. Eating sweet things and drinking alcohol increases your blood glucose, making you depressed. Eating salty things and drinking energy drinks increases your hypertension, making you anxious. To compensate for the depression the mind goes into a state of mania. To compensate for the anxiety the mind goes into a state of paranoia. So, watch what you eat and drink and think carefully about every indulgence.

For Your Interest

Being involved with consuming the mass messaging contained on social media platforms brings you into association with thoughts that are random to you but specific to others, you are essentially importing other people’s consciousnesses. This is a major gateway for personality corruption. When something trends on social media and you follow that trend those behaviours corrupt your personality making you a drone in the proliferation of the meme cycle. Use social media for essential and serious communications. Social media should not be a source of entertainment or education.

For Your Interaction

When you choose to participate in an activity remember that some part of that activity will rub off on you, further corrupting your personality. Choose your time spent wisely and be sure that you are prepared to go all-in even if its just a one-off event. Interact with people whom add value to your life not burden you with their depression, mania, anxiety and paranoia. It is only when you exercise your freedom of association correctly and judiciously that you will be safe from the negative consequences of interaction.

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